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  • GSA Contracts
  • Federal Government Sales Training
  • State and Local Government Sales Traning
  • Military Sales and Sales Training
  • Website Design
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Military Sales Experts “Outstanding! That is the only word that I can use to describe the results MRDI delivered to us. We had a small government sales dept that had been limping along for years. Sales were sporadic and unpredictable. MRDI came in and changed everything. We had a GSA contract before, but let it expire because of contract disputes and fines. We weren’t sure we could get another one, but Kevin came through for us and got us on another schedule. We were so happy with the work they did for us, we contracted with them to do outsourced sales for us. The results couldn’t have been better. Over 2 years they helped us secure over 3.1 million dollars in Military Contracts. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their sales and take the mystery out of the government procurement process.” – John Junkers, Hytorc

GSA Contract Specialist “We tried to secure our own contract two years ago, and it was a nightmare. The process is not laid out well and regulations are convoluted and confusing. We ended up spending 5 months getting our paperwork together and then waited 7 months to hear back from the government only to find out we were rejected. We calculated that The time spent dealing with paperwork coupled with the lost opportunity cost of contracts we were eligible for was over $700,000. We expect to recoup MRDI’s $6,500 within the first 3 weeks of getting our contract. With MRDI it’s taken less than a month to get our paperwork straight and we are on track to getting successful bid.” -Janet Tran, Tran Engineering

“Hands down best money we have ever spent. Our contract has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars from state and local government purchasing agents. MRDI was really easy to work with and very efficient. After we received our contract MRDI instructed us on how to go about creating the sales we needed. It was so easy I don’t know why we didn’t start years ago.” -Dave Blessum, EPI

“It turned out that the first thing we needed on the road to get more government bids was a website. We are a real estate photography company and had never really seen a big justification for getting our website together. Turns out to do business with the federal government you need to have your price list open and available to the public. The easiest way to do that is through your website. MRDI got us up and running with a beautiful website in two days. Now we are well into the process of getting our GSA contract.” – Kevin Smart, MLS Photo

“We always knew that there was government work out there for us, but we just weren’t sure how to get started. MRDI was instrumental helping us get property management work from the state as well as provided us with some great leads on government property auctions. We are are looking at buying our second federal property this month.” -Jerry Adler, Parker Holdings Co.

A Few Statistics

Client Sales Generated

We have helped generate over 5.8 million dollars in sales for our Federal and Military sales clients! Sign up now and make this year your best year to date.

GSA Contracts Secured

We have secured over 250 GSA contracts for 189 companies (some companies get more than one). Lets us help you get a contract today

Largest Contract Landed

The largest single contract we have landed was was Hytorc Tool Company in their bid to the Trident Sub Base with new tools. Click this link to see the government record of this sale

Gov't Bids Won

67 is the most government bids we have won for a client in single year. We are always trying to do our best and keep breaking our records

Some of Our Clients

  • Garrison Command Group 101st Airborne
  • 98th ASG
  • 11th Aviation Brigade
  • Garrison Command Group Ft Eustis
  • Facilities Management Kings Bay Submarine Base